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Ecology and Environment Protection Directorate

The Ecology and Environment Protection Directorate delivers on the commitments of the Mayor of Varna Municipality in the field of national environmental legislation, participates in the coordination of activities in the implementation of projects and programmes at local level, aimed at environmental protection, resource efficiency increase, including the initiatives envisaged in the European Union’s Circular Economy Package. It also supports the work of the Mayor through the activities of the three specialized structural units - departments: 


Environment Protection Department 

  • Organizes, coordinates and participates in the development, update and implementation of programmes, projects, strategies and contracts on environment management and protection. It also draws up annual reports on the implementation of programmes required by special laws in the area of environmental protection.
  • Assigns and exercises control over cleaning and maintenance of drainage channels, gullies and culverts on the territory of the municipality.
  • Issues, reissues, amends, extends, terminates or revokes permits for usage of water sites, which are municipal property, and permits for obtaining mineral waters- exclusive state ownership.
  • Carries out activities for management and maintenance of mineral water taking facilities. It performs inspections and control referring water abstraction permits issued by the Mayor of Varna municipality and compliance with the prohibitions in the protected mineral water sites.
  • Takes part in public discussions on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Assessment, fulfils the obligations laid down by the EIA Regulation and conducts procedures under Environment Regulations in relation to investment proposals.
  • Monitors ambient air quality and acoustic environment in the city of Varna and offers measures to improve them. Observes the implementation of the events for ambient air quality improvement and compliance with the noise standards in various areas of the city, according to the General Development Plan of the city of Varna.
  • Carries out and supports implementation of information and educational programs and campaigns related to environment protection. Collaborates with NGOs. 


Waste Management Department 

  • Issues certificates for directing construction waste and excavated soil, and exercises follow-up control.
  • Determines routes for trucks when transporting construction waste.
  • Approves Construction waste management plans when issuing a building permit and/or at the opening of a construction site, and monitors reporting in accordance with the provisions of Waste Management Act, Spatial Development Act and Construction Waste Management and Recycled Building materials Ordinance.
  • Exercises control over sites for activities with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, as well as compliance with other requirements laid down by the Municipal Waste Management Ordinance.
  • Controls implementation of projects and contracts for recovery, improvement and re-cultivation of agricultural land, disrupted terrains and municipal landfills.
  • Controls over complaints and signals of natural and legal persons concerning waste management on the territory of Varna municipality.
  • Organizes campaigns to raise public awareness and culture in the field of waste management.


Control and Public Areas Cleanliness Department 

  • Controls the implementation of activities, reporting and payment to companies carrying out waste collection and transportation and public spaces cleaning, under contracts concluded with Varna Municipality.
  • Exercises control under Waste Management Act and Varna City Council environment protection ordinances.
  • Coordinates and controls biodegradable waste collection from restaurants, caterers and retail premises, including green biodegradable waste.
  • Manages collection, use, disposal and landfilling of households repair work waste on the territory of the municipality.
  • Exercises control over natural and legal persons, as well as over the company in charge of separate collection of municipal waste on the territory of Varna municipality.
  • Carries out inspections and draws up responses and opinions concerning received complaints, signals and suggestions by natural and legal persons.