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Peter Atanassov Popov

After the Liberation, the Temporary Russian Administration started settling the public rule and establishing the new Bulgarian institutions. For quite some time, however, the Turkish leaders tried to keep the municipal rule in their own hands. It was not possible to draw up the election lists. That was why the Governor of Varna, Baumgarten, issued a decree on 23 October 1878, by which he appointed a provisional municipal council, chaired by Petar Popov. The first mayor of the liberated town of Varna, Petar Popov was born on 18.02.1832 in the village of Novo Selo, Razgrad. He studies law in Russia. He was a merchant in Istanbul, where he established the first Bulgarian Seafaring Company - "Providenie" /1862-1865/. Before becoming mayor, he served as junior clerk for special errands in the Governor's Office. Petar Popov was Mayor for only one month, in very poor times of a constant flux of refugees form all parts of the country. Securing food and shelter for the growing population was the major task of the Mayor and the Council.

Petar Popov died in 1894.