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Hristo Kirchev

Hristo Kirchev was born on 29.09.1944 in Dobrich. Since 1955 his family has been living in Varna. Hristo Kirchev completed Construction Vocational Secondary School in 1963 and did his military service in the labour corps. In 1965 he was discharged and studied in the HMEI - Varna. He became a mechanical engineer.

In 1970 he started work in the Ship-Building Institute in Varna. IN 1973-1978 he worked in TRANSPROJECT - Varna, then in the Territorial Design Organisation - Varna, till he was elected Mayor of Varna at the elections of October 1991.

Hristo Kirchev is among the founders of the UDF in Varna. Kirchev served as Mayor till 20 October 1991. On 11 November 1995 he was re-elected for e new 4-year mandate. He speaks English and Russian.  He is married, has a son. His wife, Juliana Zhechkova Kircheva, was born in 1952. She is a free-lance architect.