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Ianko Slavchev

As a result of the elections in November 1879, Ianko Slavchev, a Conservative Party member, took the Mayor's office. He was Mayor in 1879--1881 and 1895-1896. Ianko Slavchev was born in 1841 in Tarnovo. In 1865 he settled in Varna. He was a merchant and a commissioner. He was one of the most active members of the Bulgarian community before the Liberation and he initiated the creation of the first Bulgarian culture house in Varna - Chitalishte Vazrozhdenie. After the Liberation, he became school and church supervisor and took part in the social and political life of the town. He was Chairman of Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1899-1901. As Mayor, Ianko Slavchev focused on development and charity work. During his term in office, the municipality council donated land for the construction of a church and 2,900 sq.m. for the local church governance body - Mitropolia, set aside a terrain for the army barracks. In 1895 the councillors decided for a post office house to be built, against an annual rent. During his time in office marshes were dried, plots of land were given out for building private houses in the town. 
 Able and enterprising, Ianko Slavchev contributed to the changed look of the town. 
 He died in 1927.