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Haralan Angelov

After the elections in April 1885, the councillors elected Haralan Abgelov, leader of the Tchankovist wing, Mayor of Varna. He was a music teacher, born in 1845 in Shoumen.

He studied in the class school of Dobri Voinikov. He worked as a teacher in Zheravna, Shumen and Varna. He contributed to a number of magazines. He was an MP in the Constitutional Assembly and several times MP in the Ordinary People's Assembly.

Haralan Angelov was Mayor of Varna from May 1885 till March 1888 / except between 12 January and 26 February 1888, when, upon the cancelling the elections, the post was held by Kiro Merazchiev/. He continued the policy of Michail Koloni for modernisation of the tow in an European way. The new streets were paved, new public buildings were raised. The design of Moussala Square was made, a decision to build premises for the fire squad was taken.

The new building of the Men's Grammar School was inaugurated and a tender for the construction of St. Kiril School was held during Anlelov's term in office. A town sewers plan was worked out, water was supplied for the Teke location, new public fountains were build, mew municipal shops were opened.

Haralan Angelov died in July 1904.