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Roussi Mateev

Roussi Mateev was born in 1855 in Targovishte. After the Liberation he moved to Varna. He was a grain merchant there. He continued the town development policies of his predecessors - paving the streets, establishing the location of squares, building fountains in the Seaside garden and the new districts, improvement of the water supply, planting trees in the central streets, etc.

At this time Varna has already changed a lot. The dream of Michail Koloni Varna to become the summer capital of the country started to become true during his successor's term in office. Roussi Mateev was an ardent supporter of Stefan Stambolov. At his insistence, in March 1893 the Municipal Council passed a resolution "to pronounce Mr. S. Stambolov citizen of honour of Varna and ask him to receive as a present from the Municipality an empty piece of land by the sea."

Mateev's special attention was directed to the regulation of the Seaside Garden. In connection with the report of Dr. Bassanovichus on the urban development of Varna to the municipal councillors in March 1902, a decision was taken for the enlargement of the Garden, building up of a Music Pavilion, setting aside a terrain for a tennis court, etc. As far as the finances allow, the Council sets aside funds for support of schools and for new construction. Despite his short term in office, Roussi Mateev continued the tradition of solving public problems in favour of the citizens of Varna. He died on 3 April 1926.