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Damian Perelingov

In the spring of 1903 the rule of the country was taken over by the national liberals /Stambolovists/. As they did not have the necessary support to occupy all leading positions in the town, the collaborated with the Radoslavovists. Without dissembling the Municipality Council, they made some changes and appointed Damian Perelingov, a Lawyer, for Mayor.

His term in office lasted from July 1903 to January 1904. Damian Perelingov made a report to the Municipality Council, indicating the tragic status of municipal finances and the neglected town development policies. The water supply of the town, the sewers, a new slaughterhouse, a theatre, a hotel and other sites were proposed to be built under concession. The proposals of the Mayor were discussed and some of them started. The councillors also voted in principle for a loan of 2,5 million leva for payments of old debts and payments for all private properties used for street regulation.

Damian Perelingov could not realise his whole programme because of his short term in office. Later, in 1913-1914, he became Provincial Governor.