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Stancho Savov

Stancho Savov was a famous Varna lawyer in the past, a public and business figure. He had been elected municipal councillor for ten years without interruption. His first term in Mayor's office was from August 1915 to December 1919.

This was the time of World War One. The major task of the municipal councillors was to supply aid for the citizens in need. Strict measures were introduced for the improvement of the sanitary situation in town in order to preserve the troops from infectious diseases.

Savov's second term in office was after the coup d'etat of 19 May 1934.

In his two mandates Stancho Slavov had the ambition to improve the status of Varna in business, cultural, educational and medical respect. He contributed to the creation of the Asparuh Park near Varna. Stancho Slavov became member of the committee, initiating the creation of Vladislav Varnenchik park-mausoleum.

In 1935 the Council decided to open for the first time a tender procedure for building a modern hotel in the second part of the Seaside Garden, where foreign companies were also invited to bid. The tender was won by a Czech company. Because of the political situation in Europe at the time, however, the project was not realised.

Savov's second term in office ended in September 1935.