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Dimitar Kondov

The communist part won the municipal elections in Varna on 7 December 1919. At their first meeting, the councillors elected Dimitar Kondov Mayor of the town.

Dimitar Kondov was born on 26 October 1881in the village of Nikolaevka, Varna province. He moved to Varna in 1908. He worked as tax-collector, teacher and clerk in various places. He took part in the Balkan and in World War One. In 1911 he was elected municipal councillor.

Dimitar Kondov was Mayor of Varna in the period 1919 - 1921. The Council at the time had to solve problems, related to war destruction, unemployment and the black market. An additional budget was adopted for reliving the housing crisis, plans were made for building houses for workers and other poor citizens with municipal funds. The urbanisation of the suburbs was also at their attention - new water sources were captured, some of the suburbs were supplied with electricity. In the localities of "Orta Cheir" and "Peinerdzhika" new fruit and vegetable gardens were created, municipal shops were opened, new business buildings were constructed - a quarry, a brick factory, a roof-tiles factory, etc. Despite all the difficulties, the construction of the railway station continued. In 1920 the Municipality placed 60 reed cabins on the beach, "western style".

The need to have a professional theatre in the town made the Mayor pass a decision for the creation of a Municipal Professional Theatre.

Making use of the law, allowing the use of private houses for public needs, introduced by the current government, the Municipality Council took the decision to make use of several private buildings and turn them into schools. Free evening courses were organised for the illiterate and the poor.

The antagonisms between the communists and the opposition finally culminated into a King's Decree for the dismantlement of Varna Municipality Council on 23 May 1921.

Dimitar Kondov was arrested on 22 September 1923. In the night of 23 September he was shot to death "in an escape attempt".