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Teodosi Atanassov

Teodosi Atanassov, Eng. is know among the citizens of Varna as an active member of the Bulgarian Engineering and Architectural Society /BEAS/, as a construction engineer, leading the construction of many roads in the region. He was elected Mayor at the elections in the end of October 1921.

Teodosi Atanassov was born on 27 March 1876 in Gorna Oriahovitsa. He studied in his home town, then - in "St. Kiril" State Men's Grammar School in Veliko Tarnovo. In 1983 he became a construction engineering student in Lausanne, Switzerland. Upon completion of his education he came back to Bulgaria. He worked in Iambol, about a year in Shumen and then he was appointed county engineer of Varna. Toedosi Atanassov took part in the Balkan and in World War One. In 1943 he was decorated a diploma and "St.Alexander" order for civil merit. As a newly elected mayor, he found the municipal treasury almost empty. He turned to the companies and merchants of Varna for a loan, which they were ready to extend. The Municipality Council started its office with debates and resolutions about the supply of food and heating wood for the population. A special committee was set to buy out grain and flour at the best possible rates. A resolution was passed to give out a financial aid of 400 leva and some wood to the poor families. The Mayor insisted on the increase of the maintenance allowances for the municipal theatre. In January 1922, the Municipality Council passed a resolution for an aid of 500,000 leva to "the suffering and hungry Russian People, which is to be delivered through the Bulgarian Red Cross".

Teodosi Atanassov resigned for family reasons . His resignation was accepted at an extraordinary meeting of the Municipality Council on 3 April 1922.

He died in Varna on 14 April 1949.