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Gospodin Angelov

After the Municipality Council was dissembled in October 1922, there was a period of rule by three-member committees. "Varna Municipal Newspaper" wrote on November 17-th: "The other day, the 15-th of the month, the newly appointed three-member committee consisting of: Gospodin Angelov, Chair, and Iani Andreev and Ivan Zhekov, substituting the dissembled Municipality Council, took office.

The Committee's first priorities are to supply quickly the poor citizens of Varna with heating wood, to clean the town end possibly reduce the price of the cheapest bread".

Gospodin Angelov, the Chair of the Committee, is a man of duty. The old citizens of Varna know him as an awesome person. He is a quiet, extremely patient and responsive man. He was born in Varna in 1865. His father, Angel Georgiev, was a manufacturer, he had a farm, forests and cattle. He helped the national liberation and church independence movement. The son, Gospodin Angelov, completed the Men's Grammar School. He helped his father but his major concern was charity.

In the beginning of 1923, Gospodin Angelov proposed to attract foreign companies in building the sea baths, a modern hotel and a casino. The repeated appeals of the Municipality and some organisations not to view the resort as something transient, but to work consistently for raising the reputation of Varna as a national and international recreation centre still did not receive the necessary public support.

Gospodin Angelov's special attention was focused on the construction of the theatre building. He insisted on the formation of a Civil Committee of 160 people, including culture activists, teachers, students, public figures. This Committee established an "All-Town Theatre Funds" to the Municipality of Varna for the ultimate completion of the building.