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Nikola Dimitrov

Nikola Dimitrov has been Deputy Mayor of Varna for years. He was born on 18 September 1890 in Shestovo, Kostursko. He studied in Balchik and Ruse, then agrarian studies in Germany.

Upon completion of his university education he came back to Bulgaria. He took part in the Balkan and Inter-Allies Wars. Soon after that he settled in Varna. He is a follower of Alexander Stamboliiski, member of the local organisation of BZNS.

Nikola Dimitrov was appointed Mayor for the period between 23 June 1943 and 26 January 1944. His presence in the Deputy Mayer's and Mayer's offices was related to the town development and the resort promotion of Varna. He worked for year in the team of Ianko Moustakov and helped him realised their common ideas. Nikola Dimitrov declared before town councillors and citizens of Varna: "One of our fist priorities is to connect all parallel streets. A town like Varna needs clean and well built streets, especially in the centre... The suburbs need electricity, water supply and pavements in the first place. In we cannot give them all this, we have the ambition to supply at least part of it."

The participation of Nikola Dimitrov in building Batova-Varna waterpipe cannot be overestimated, as is also the case with the thermal electric station and the municipal omnibus transport system. He helped the preparation and holding of the agricultural and industrial exhibitions. He was member of the committee for building up a monument of Vladislav Varnenchik, also chairman of the Bulgarian-Polish society in Varna.  A token of his contribution to the development of Varna was his decoration by Order for Civil Merit. Nikola Dimitrov died on 8 January 1986.

From January 1944 to September 1944, Mayor of Varna was Petar Stoianov, holding the office also in the period 1923 - 1927. A new political and economic system was established in the country after September 1944. There was a change in the mechanism of operation of municipal rule.