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Liubomir Dimov

Prof. Liubomir Dimov, DTC, Eng., was born on 31 March 1909 in the village of Nedan, V. Tarnovo. His parents were teachers. In 1927 he graduated from the secondary school in Shoumen, in 1931 - - from the higher technical school of agrarian engineering in Brno, Czechia.

In 1940-1944 he worked in the Soviet Consulate in Varna, maintaining contacts with the partisans at the same time. Because of his active political engagement before 9.09.1944, he was appointed Mayor of Varna by the TC of BCP for the period September 1944 - April 1945.

Then he became regular professor and dean of Surveying & Roads Department of Varna University, head of department and dean of the Agricultural Academy in Sofia and the Mines & Geology Institute in Sofia. In 1946 he won second place in the competition for drawing up of a city development plan of Varna, along with Arch. Serbezov. First place was not awarded. He was chairman of the engineering & architecture society, the archaeological and the Bulgarian-Polish societies, of DIMIAT Cooperative, of the Peace Committee, chairman of the Seashore Popular Bank in Varna. In 1979 we was declared citizen of honour of Varna.