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Geno Goutev

Geno Goutev was born on 29.08.1905 in the village of Sedyankovtsi, Gabrovo. In 1909 his family moved to Mirovtsi, Novi Pazar. He studied there and in Shoumen Grammar School, from where he was expelled for his revolutionary ideas.

He emigrated to Hungary. There he was arrested and lay in prison in 1923-1925. He studied law at Sofia University. His allegiance was with political left. After 1944 he came to Varna. He was appointed "people's prosecutor" at Varna People's Court in 1945. he was Mayor of the town in 1945-1951. According to one of his associates, he was demanding and a man of principle. According to one of his opponents - shameless and vindictive, he hanged 22 people as people's prosecutor without court and sentence.