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Georgi Kostov

Georgi Kostov Bogdanov was born on 21.10.1915 in Varna. His parents were refugees from Thrace. At the age of 18 he became member of the PC of WYU. Later member of the PC of BCP, member of a hit squad, an outlaw, political prisoner in 1941-1943.

After 1944, he is the first commander of the police department, chief of the provincial division of MIA, first ambassador to Israel, then to Turkey.  In 1956 - 1957 he was Mayor of Varna, appointed by the CC of BCP. His main priority was housing.

In 1958-1959 he was an advisor in our embassy in Moscow, in 1959-1961 ambassador to Korea, in 1963-1969 to Romania, in 1971-1973 to Poland.

He died in 1995.