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Atanas Nikolov

Atanas Nikolov was born on 6.11.1923. His parents were refugees from Turkish Thrace. After finishing basic school, he worked in the shops and factories of Varna. In 1943 he was sentenced for anti-fascist activities to 15 years in prison. He came out of prison on 8.11.1944.

He headed WYU in 1944-1949. In 1949-1966 he was Secretary for Matters of Organisation in the city and province communist party executive bodies. He was elected municipal councillor for three mandates. In the 1950s he completed his higher education in social sciences in Moscow.

He was Mayor of Varna from 1966 to 1971.

From 1972 to 1977 he was Consul General in Slovakia. From 1977 to 1977 he was Head of the Regional Environmental Inspectorate in the Varna Region.