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Regional Information Centre - Varna

Regional Information Centrer - Varna (RIC-Varna) is a single information office on the territory of Varna region and provides  information about EU structural and investment funding opportunities to citizens, companies, NGOs and institutions. It was established within Project BG161PO002-3.3.02-0007-C001, under Technical Assistance OP  2007-2013 and continues its activity within Project BG05SFOP001-4.001-0015-C01 under Good Governance 2014-2020. Regional Information Centre - Varna is part of the network of 27 regional information centres, whose activities are coordinated by the Central Information and Coordination Office at the Council of Ministers. Regional Information center - Varna has a meeting hall with a capacity of up to 40 seats for various events. Requests for booking are submitted 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date.

Contacts: tel.: 052/ 820 911, 052/ 820 955,

e-mail: oic.varna@eufunds.bg

Address 2, St. Cyril and Methodius square,  9000 Varna

Internet website: www.eufunds.bg